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McGeorge students make law – and history

McGeorge students make law – and history

Revenge porn victims can get offensive material taken off the Internet using a pseudonym. Child care centers can consider job applicants' arrest warrants in hiring decisions. Prisoners can seek a new trial if the scientific evidence that convicted them is later discredited. And police will get training to recognize signs of elder abuse.

Californians won these new rights and protections thanks to four bills developed by students at Pacific McGeorge School of Law and signed into law by Gov. Brown.  

"It is rewarding to have our students not only studying the law on the books in the nation's most important state capital, but also helping to put those laws on the books," said Francis J. Mootz III, dean and professor of law at McGeorge.  

University of the Pacific Pres. Pamela A. Eibeck named AICCU chair

University of the Pacific Pres. Pamela A. Eibeck named AICCU chair

Pamela A. Eibeck, president of University of the Pacific, has been named the new chair of the executive committee of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, an organization that has represented the state’s 77 private nonprofit colleges and universities since 1955.

Eibeck’s two-year term begins Oct. 24. She succeeds Pepperdine University president Andy Benton.

“California’s partnership with its private nonprofit colleges and universities has played a pivotal role in making our state a symbol of innovation across the globe,” Eibeck said. “Over the course of nearly 60 years, AICCU has made tremendous strides for higher education, and I look forward to the challenges and rewards of continuing that effort during my tenure.”

Drexel University Sacramento’s Michael Marion Appointed to California Student Aid Commission

Drexel University Sacramento’s Michael Marion Appointed to California Student Aid Commission

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Michael Marion, Executive Director and Associate Vice Provost of Drexel University Sacramento, was recently appointed to the California Student Aid Commission, where he will support the mission to make higher education more accessible for California students.

Appointments to the Commission are made by California Governor Jerry Brown and the position requires State Senate confirmation. As a commissioner, Marion will represent private and secondary education schools. He’ll attend his first Commission meeting in November.

“It’s a huge honor to be considered by Governor Brown for this role and be able to join some of the outstanding individuals who are already serving as commissioners,” Marion said. “This is a great opportunity to give back to students to make sure they can access financial aid and have the opportunity to be successful in college.”

Local high school in national contest needs your help!

Franklin High School Percussion in Elk Grove has been nominated for a brand new custom-designed floor tarp. This is a wonderful opportunity as the cost of a new tarp is nearly $3000 and a new floor tarp is badly needed.  The winner of the 'Teams for Tarps' contest gets a free tarp and the first two runners up get 50% off of a tarp.

The students are crazy excited about this opportunity.  Please take a minute and watch the student's youtube video they put together.  It is amazing and shows how much the program means to them.  The students' video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxGvmkyb41s

New Beginnings // Back to School Blues + Red Hot School Supplies

New Beginnings / Back to School Blues + Red Hot School Supplies

My oldest little guy is starting first grade in just a couple of weeks. To say that we all have mixed emotions about this would be an understatement. If you follow me on instagram, you might remember this from earlier in the year. Well this year will officially mark the first time he is away at school all day, for five days of the week. It will be the first time he begins his day in the morning rather than the afternoon and the first time he takes the bus to school. He is not excited for any of these things aside from riding the bus, somehow that is exciting to him. I guess I can see why for a guy his age.

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CNU Summer Health Science Camp opens next week!

CNU Summer Health Science Camp opens next week!

At the Summer Health Science Camp at California Northstate University, students won't be making any volcanoes out of baking soda and vinegar.  Rather, the courses focus on real-life application of medical principles, helping high school students strengthen both their understanding of those subjects, as well as their resumes.

The team of experts behind the Camp cover a huge range of topics, from health care laws including a "mock trial", to Emergency Triage "mock disaster", where the campers will get professional wound makeup to simulate an explosion with students as "victims."