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Amateur video shows huge flames caused by a firework thrown into a tree

The stunning 15 minute video of a residential fire engulfing a tree and damaging two South Sacramento homes on Simcoe Court was posted on a YouTube page Friday evening.

Sacramento City Fire Department investigators said a preliminary investigation determined someone threw a firework into the air and it landed in a dry juniper tree. Department spokesperson Roberto Padilla said almost instantly the juniper tree exploded into flames and quickly spread to a fence and two nearby homes.


Pacific announces new Sacramento degrees: Expansion is milestone in region’s higher education

Pacific announces new Sacramento degrees: Expansion is milestone in region’s higher education

University of the Pacific celebrated June 26 the expansion of its Sacramento campus, longtime home of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, into a multidisciplinary center that will educate the professionals California needs in the decades ahead.

Joining the law school will be new graduate programs in health, education, business and public policy. Five new degrees will be rolled out over the next two years: Master of Business Administration; Doctor of Education; Master of Public Policy; Master of Physician Assistant Studies; and Master of Public Administration.

“This is a watershed moment for our university,” said Pamela A. Eibeck, president of University of the Pacific. “Pacific has been a pioneer in higher education in California for more than a century and a half, and it is with great excitement that we expand our presence and service in the Sacramento region.”

Residents: Overgrown, vacant lot caught fire despite complaints to Sacramento

SACRAMENTO - Complaints to the city of Sacramento about a fire-prone field are coming to light Monday after the south Sacramento field caught fire and then spread to two homes.

Sunday afternoon's 2-acre grass fire along Jacinto Avenue has left behind a charred field, blackened fences and burnt and boarded homes. Residents along Sunnyfield Way said no one from the city ever responded to their complaints about the field being a fire hazard.

They called and called because they were concerned about the vacant lot along Jacinto Avenue and Starburst Way.

Grass fire burns two South Sacramento homes

Sacramento firefighters battled a blaze that burned more than two acres and left two homes severely damaged Sunday afternoon in South Sacramento. Fire crews say the high dry weeds coupled with the wind and the heat gave this fire the fuel to move quickly toward nearly a dozen homes on Sunnyfield Way near Starburst Way.

"We are really concerned with sources of ignition," Sacramento Fire spokesperson Chris Harvey said. "Fireworks, barbecues, cigarettes, anything that is going to be a source of ignition near a dry field like this is going to be trouble."

Firefighters managed to contain the fire to two homes. For hours they doused the charred field, trying to put out hot spots. However, another one popped up after they left, near the fence of a home a few doors down. Homeowners took out hoses in an effort to keep the fire from spreading before the fire department returned.

Shots fired in busy South Sac parking lot, 1 killed

A shooting in South Sacramento in the middle of a busy Sunday morning killed one man and left bullet holes in a fast food restaurant. Officers said the shooting happened around 11:30 a.m. along Meadowview Road near Freeport Boulevard.

Latest animal mutilation discovery has surveillance video

A disturbing discovery was mad near the light rail tracks in Sacramento this weekend, when a man found several bags containing the remains of animals.

The man said he was walking along the light rail line near 26th Avenue Saturday evening when he found the bags. Inside, were the beheaded remains of two chickens, a rat and a goat, and a catfish.

"I saw an animal laying on the tracks," said Chris Knepp. "I noticed that it was a small goat, it's head was cut off. It's head was next to body."

Animal control officers responded and took the remains. They said there have been 16 similar cases of discarded animal remains in the Sacramento area over the last few months.

Slamson Wins Second-Straight MVP at Mascot Games

Slamson Wins Second-Straight MVP at Mascot Games

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